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Blog Update: 12/16/11 -The Amazing Amaz!

We live in the Heartland, the Crossroads of America, and we have hard water around these parts. Lets see…. you live in your house, clean your shower, just a little less often than you should, it starts to look dirty all the time and you can’t get the white grime off the glass. You hire a contractor to change out the shower, which leads to an entire bathroom remodel, but really it is just that dirty glass you cannot get clean that you can’t stand.

There are two approaches here. You can take the easier route and if you have not etched the glass with soap and hard water mineral build up then watch the wonderful work of Amaz Water Stain Remover. It will bring that glass back to clear view quality. It will also remove hard water spots from your faucets, counters, etc. It’s non-caustic, and it’s the wonder paste.

Second approach when you are looking at the open shower stall with brand new tile is to go back in with beautiful clear glass…treated with Guardian ShowerGuard, because remember, we do live in Indiana with that hard water. It has a LIFETIME warranty and this stuff is that good. You still need to squeegee the glass to prevent the water spots, but if you just occasionally forget to do that, or can’t get the man in your life to remember to use the squeegee, the glass will come clean. May take a little hard work and half a day, but you’ll be staring at that new pretty tile through clear glass again.