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Corky’s Better Buttons

Corky’s Better Buttons

Improving the way glass tops are kept in place.

No more scooting buttons, these revolutionary transparent
skid-resistant Polyurethane buttons stay in place using a
pressure sensitive high strength acrylic-based adhesive.

Corky’s Better Buttons are resistant to marring, staining and yellowing!

For uneven surfaces, buttons can be stacked.
Button thickness is just 1/32″ thick.

Follow these easy steps before using:
Clean the glass surface with low strength solvents like rubbing alcohol.
Apply adhesive side of the button to the glass surface using firm pressure
for a count of 10 seconds (less time when it is warm temperature).

Never apply the adhesive surface to the furniture,
always place Corky’s Better Buttons to the glass.
Buttons should be placed at the corners.

Distributed by TGRE