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Crossing off your holiday home to-do list!

3 Easy Updates for your Home

“It’s the holiday season, with the whoop-de-do….” Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a joyous Kwanzaa friends! We are in the full holiday hustle here – time to get your homes ready for holiday pictures, entertaining, and Aunt Sally’s visit. Here are 3 quick ideas you can “do-it-yourself” and accomplish before midnight. Take a break from shopping and cooking to do some home improvement that will keep on giving.
1. Bathrooms are full of moisture and that can eventually lead to black edges creeping up on the back of your mirrors. We have two simple solutions for you! Leave the mirror on the wall and apply a surface mounted frame to turn it into a decorative and modern piece, while hiding the problem of the black edges. We have mirror frames/overlays, and framing options that will make the mirror look like a framed mirror hanging on the wall.
2. Your kitchen is the center of your home and the one room probably every guest visits. Turn a long wall of cabinets into a design feature with cabinet glass. Choose obscure, patterned or clear and show off your special china pieces. We can cut your solid front cabinet door to accept the glass. For a faster option, remove the doors and bring them to our shop for us to prep and install the glass, take home and simply hang and arrange the interior décor.
3. Install a door mirror – on a door or wall. Stock sized mirrors range from: 16”-24” wide, by 68” high. Use it in a hallway to create the illusion of more space, hang it in a little ballerina’s room for hours of entertainment, add them in a home gym, use as a dressing mirror in your closet – no one wants to go out the holiday season with any clothing mishaps.
We look forward to helping with your to-do list this holiday season! Purchase Mirror Overlays, Patterned in-stock cabinet glass or an in-stock door mirror and receive 10% off – *before December 2oth.
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