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As the calendar rolls to March, we’re excited at the thought of warmer weather coming!  Spring time also means spring cleaning!  Today we’ll address shower doors.  Today’s shower glass enclosures require less maintenance to preserve their brand-new look.

If your shower had a water protectant on it, this task should be simple.  We’ll start with the popular SHOWERGUARD.  Ordinary glass is prone to damage and aging from hard water, soap, humidity and more. But ShowerGuard glass is extraordinary. It’s an entirely different kind of glass that’s protected during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. This technology permanently seals the glass surface, for a shower that stays beautiful shower after shower with just a minimal amount of cleaning. – www.showerguardglass.com.

The best maintenance is to squeegee the glass after each use.  For a deeper clean it’s recommended as needed, to use:  50/50 solution of vinegar and water or Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser.

ShowerGuard is available on clear shower glass and includes a lifetime warranty.  We consider that a good investment!

There are other treatments that can be applied to glass to resist water staining and make cleaning easier.  Approximately every 1-2 weeks it’s recommended to clean your shower glass with a micro fiber cloth and mild detergent.   Treatment, such as Cardinal 10 Surface Protection, is a chemical bonding that takes place with the glass and repels water and oils.  There is no need to ever reapply or worry that the treatment will “chip away” from the surface.  Agalite’s EC 10 and other coating protections can be applied to any glass option, thus makes them excellent choices for pattern glass enclosures.

These water treatments reduce a bacterial environment as glass is porous and can build up contaminants over time.  They require less cleaning, require no harsh chemicals, and maintain the value of your purchase.

Don’t hide behind a shower curtain any longer; embrace the task of bathroom cleaning as it will be easy with a new glass shower enclosure.



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