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Dry Erase Note Boards

dry erase boards





This is new and we find it oh so useful!
It’s the dry erase board concept taken up a notch! Painted glass is the perfect backdrop for these little boards. I love this version because one, there is no chalk dust mess to clean! And, two, it’s easy to erase and the glass won’t stain over time. Lastly, they are decorative while being functional.
This is the perfect display on the kitchen counter to show the daily dinner. Helps so I don’t have to actually remember what is in the fridge for dinner, and eliminates the constant questions as I’m trying to get dinner cooked.
I like to leave one in the bathroom – the kids always need the reminder to “wash your hands” or “brush your teeth.” And who doesn’t have their best ideas while in the shower? A board in the bathroom allows you to write it down before that thought escapes you again.
The mud room can be the hub of the family and usually the space entered and left a million times a day. A note on the board saying, “candle burning in den” will remind you to blow that candle out before you leave for soccer practice.
These boards are practical and fun and are now in stock in our store for $19.99. Add some fun to your day and organization to your life.