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European Design – Gridscape Showers

Defining your style can help you attain the satisfaction of turning a house into a home. So much of design is visual and texture and when you see or touch something you may just know it’s the right look for you. Many things can influence your tastes – magazines, travels, nature, your family.
We have fallen in love with the design influence from Europe that is currently taking a hold in our market. Dark, sleek lines, industrial looking, and modern fabrication with a throwback to times passed. We can now bring you the Gridscape Series. There are many options and ways this look can be built into your design. This shower can provide the focal wow factor to a sleek, neutral colored bathroom, or play as an accessory to your bold and fun design.
Take a look at some of the inspiration options and stop by our showroom is see the Gridscape.

gridscape watermarkcommercial shower

houzz picture