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Frameless Shower Enclosures

What does a “frameless” shower truly mean? The glass industry describes it as any enclosure using 3/8” thick glass (aka heavy glass). The thickness of the glass means you can get away with less hardware to build and operate the glass enclosure.
Traditionally a lot of these enclosures had more than once piece of glass and were built with a header bar across the top to tie it all together. It’s a very nice look, but adds more hardware to clean and obstruct the “frameless” look.

And using a fiberglass shower stall is a nice and cost effective way to construct a bathroom, but they don’t offer the support needed for a frameless shower header or hinge.

However, you can now get the frameless, heavy glass, no header look with a TruFit Shower Glass Enclosure. It will fit on any shower base, including a fiberglass unit, and can be used in applications from 23 ½” to 74 5/8” wide, and in heights at either 72” or 75” inches.

This enclosure will update your bathroom without having to tear out your existing, working shower, or show off your complete renovation. People prefer the no header system for less hardware to clean and to eliminate height constrictions when accessing the shower.

You can also achieve this heavy glass, frameless look with other hardware and glass enclosures; however this TruFit system becomes the best option to achieve the look when you have a fiberglass base. Visit our showroom to see this enclosure and other options available.

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