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Ideas for how to turn your Bathroom into a Retreat

Tips for making your bathroom feel like a trip to the spa:
1. Place a basket or tray of small wash towels by your sink to use to dry your face and hands
2. While a bright bathroom is preferred, installing a dimmer switch or plugging in a lamp can provide a calm and warm feeling under lower light
3. Purchase a big, soft rug for the bathroom floor to add a pop of color and be plush under foot
4. Refresh your senses with a bowl of potpourri, or grouping of sweetly scented candles
5. Install a docking station or wireless speaker to sync with your music tunes
6. Make room for a small bench or chair as a resting spot for you or your things
7. Keep handy bath cleaner and wipes to keep all surfaces water and spot free
8. Splurge for added luxuries like a dual shower head, heated flooring and a shower shaving mirror
9. Don’t neglect the bathroom as a place to add décor – an inspirational saying or favorite photo from a beach trip hung on the wall will make the room feel more personal
10. Have a place for everything to eliminate clutter and disarray. Baskets, pails and trays are easily stowed under sinks and arranged on shelves.
While every day can’t be a spa day, it is nice to pretend…and every parent knows… 2 minutes alone in the bathroom is a retreat!
spa day