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Keep the warmth in

Bathroom remodels are high priority on the home improvement list.  Have you checked out Pinterest – an idea board for any style or desire – find us on there @Carmel Glass & Mirror.  Once the first sledge hammer goes in the bathroom, the excitement begins!  We’re going to inform you about glass today –  it’s the final touch, the necessary accessory, to complete the bathroom.

The number one reason people choose glass for their shower is to keep warmth in – big showers are luxurious, but do get cold.  When deciding on the glass enclosure you have glass textures and water treatments to consider.

*Starfire or low-iron glass is an excellent choice if you have white tiles.  The iron in glass provides the green tint you see on the edges of shower glass; the thicker the glass, the more tint of color you’ll see.  Low-iron glass removes some of the iron from glass and tends to leave a blue tint to the edge of glass.

*Perhaps your bathroom at times can be like grand-central station for the family.  You might consider a textured glass like “bubbles” or the translucent acid etched glass to provide some privacy to the shower stall.

*While clear glass remains the most popular choice, we highly recommend using ShowerGuard Glass.  It’s an entirely different kind of glass that’s protected during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. This technology permanently seals the glass surface, for a shower that stays beautiful shower after shower with just a minimal amount of cleaning.  No touch-up kit required and a lifetime warranty make this an unequal choice to all other glass treatments.

Lastly, like the perfect little black dress, your shower glass can fit well too.  We will measure the opening to have the glass cut to match the dimensions.   So whether the top of the shower slants out an 1/8” inch, or the back corner of a return panel is ¼” shorter on one side – we can fit the glass.  Usually you’ll never see these imperfections, but our trained technicians can make sure the glass is built to fit your opening, thus preventing future problems with water leakage and doors that don’t operate well.

Beyond the type of glass and the fit of the glass you have a choice of semi-frameless or frameless shower glass options to fit your space and needs.  Visit our showroom for plenty of displays you can touch, see and learn about!  And that picture of the arched glass with the oil rubbed bronze knob and operating transom that looks like the perfect spa retreat…yes; we can create that for you!

Ready to dive in on your bathroom remodel?  Remember these steps:

  1. Assess the opening (space, finishes used, dimensions)
  2. Choose the style of glass you like (and consider the ease of cleaning)
  3. Achieve the perfect fit

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