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New metallic mirrored glass tiles

Traveling is fun. It breaks up the normal routine and opens up doors to the treasures of the world. Just as a baker critiques desserts, the glass person notices glass. Glass in buildings, shower doors, the decorative partition in a hotel lobby, or a special framed mirror piece hung as artwork; there are just so many options and ideas to open up our creative minds. Travel is fun, but it always rekindles the energy at home too.

We just received new samples of a glass product that is truly unique and fun.

Metallic painted patterned glass tiles. Think – metal + texture = unique and fun

Picture the look of hammered steel in a glass cabinet sharing a kitchen with stainless appliances. Or a backsplash of glass squares with texture and shine; easy to clean and no grout lines. These tiles come in a variety of finishes and remind me of hotels in Las Vegas, old warehouses, or even evoke the kind of conversation artwork that gets noticed in your home. It is always fun to incorporate a piece of travel back into your daily life and for me that is creating a framed mirror with using these metallic glass tiles that remind me of a brewery tour I once took.

People ask what is popular when trying to make a decision on investment of a product purchase. Current trends point to pieces that tell stories and are reminiscent of older times. I can’t wait to get this out into your homes. It’s a truly fun and beautiful product.

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