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Picture Frame Craft Instructions

I love photographs! There was a time when I printed a roll of film a week. It was with joy that I embraced the digital photography age because the pleasure of the perfect shot was instantaneous. I realized recently though that the approximately 1000 pictures I take a month are wasting away in digital files that never get seen. I have captured the moment, but no one else can share in the perfection or the joy.
Yes, you can still print a picture to hold and see every day. Behold the thought: it was time to update my picture frames.
However, my favorite method of photo taking has become Instagram, and guess what? Finding a 4×4 square frame isn’t easy. Then I had a crafty idea. I knew where to get the glass, but I wasn’t sure how to get it all together, but I figured it out and I’m sharing the idea with you.

Here’s the steps to create a picture frame:
(2) 12×12 1/8” glass with finished edges
(1) piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper
(1) 4×4 Instagram photograph or other flat keepsake
4 mirror clips
Glue or Tape

I picked out a girly piece of paper – because I like it. (However this paper can easily be changed with the seasons).
Tape the keepsake photo or flat item to the paper.
Sandwich paper between 2 pieces of glass.
Screw bracket to wall and hang glass

Ta da! Inexpensive artwork that is diverse and easy to change! Besides a cool picture frame, this could also be used to display and change out kids’ artwork, or use as a message board.

*Frame kits sold at Carmel Glass & Mirror, 500 E. 106th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46280 317-846-4864