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Shower Door maintenance #weatherstrip

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You drive your car every day and know that part of doing that requires the purchase of gas every so often.  You make dinner, knowing that eventually that will require another trip to the grocery.  You shower every day, most likely multiple times a day, your shower is getting used which means maintenance is going to be required.

Today let’s talk weatherstrip – the clear vinyl strip along the bottom of your shower door.  It collects the water and diverts it back into the shower to help keep your bathroom floor dry.     This shower accessory is useful, and also not made to last forever.

It’s helpful to dry that strip off after showers to prevent water and grime buildup and prolong its life.  If you find it’s starting to slip from the door, or the vinyl is splitting, it’s time to get a new piece.  The good thing is this is an easy do-it-yourself project.  Measure the width of your door, cut a piece of the weatherstrip profile and bring it by our showroom.  We stock a variety of weatherstrip that should fit your shower door.

The weatherstrip, also known as door sweep, should be part of your regular cleaning and home maintenance.