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Employees | Carmel Glass & Mirror

The future is bright!

It’s January, which means a lot of blog posts are full of hopefulness, goals and fresh starts.  I can’t break that thought either.  We’ve cleaned out files, re-organized the showroom, had some time to do research, and we’re excited for 2013!

For starters, we brought in a new machine.  This baby polishes beautifully!  I know many of you have never even thought about glass edgework; and we have a few good men who can polish quite a nice edge. However, this machine now adorns our warehouse floor and we love firing it up!

Get excited about glass!  It’s creative, fun, and pretty.  We love glass bar counters, coffee tables, interior walls and conference tables made from glass.  No need to keep it at a straight edge, we can get a curve or even use patterned glass.  Set it with industrial looking standoffs and you’ve created a piece that will be all the envy of your neighbors.  Speaking of neighbors, is your front door an open view in at night?  Keep inquisitive eyes at bay when you use decorative patterned glass in your front door and sidelights.

We’re celebrating our 33rd birthday this year, as well as anniversaries for more than half of our employees who have been with us for 10+ years.  We really do have some amazing people.  We’re grateful to know each and every customer as well.  It’s an honor to be invited into your homes and do the work we love every day.

Lastly, it’s that time of year filled with resolutions and determination.  We have a few ourselves; how about you?  We’re packing a few more lunches from home and vowing to keep our desks organized.  In closing, we’re excited about what we do every day and the opportunity to make you happy!