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The glass guy is always the last to get new glass

Blog Entry 5/11/12:

The glass guy is always the last one to put glass in his own house; funny since I know a guy. Five years ago we moved into a new house; which had a large picture window and it was starting to fail. You could see a little milky white color in the corner and moisture starting to gather between the panes. This window is in my bedroom, a window I looked through every day, but I never got around to fixing it. Fast forward five years and it was now completely white and I could no longer see through it to the backyard. Time to get some new glass. Good thing I know the phone number to a good glass shop that could help me. I had to measure the glass unit that was failed, have new insulated glass fabricated, and then exchange the glass in the window sash; really not that difficult and something we do everyday. So I did it! The glass guy finally got new glass. This window was so failed I no longer had any insulating features. Now my new, clear window glass blocks the air and noise out; why did I wait so long?!
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