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Three things to consider when updating your shower

stair step sillYou use your shower every day, or at least your coworkers hope you do.  The winter months are a popular time to do some home upgrades while the weather keeps you inside.  The shower is a good investment for the use it gets daily and the value added to your home overall.

When you are starting with a blank slate, keep in mind these three points in order to make the final installation go smoothly.

If you are considering a frameless, heavy glass shower door you will want to add extra framing along the hinge side of the door so that the door will have good support.

When putting in a tile or solid surface shower floor remember the sill should tilt into the shower to allow for water to flow back in and away from any glass seams.  One great idea is to do a stair stepped sill – the glass will rest on the top “step” and the lower level steps into the shower, thus creating a trap for the water before it even reaches the glass.

Lastly, be sure to choose the correct shower heads and any water sprays for the size of your shower.  A shower head spraying on the shower door can’t possibly be stopped from leaking water out on to your floor, and a narrow stall will spray water up and out all around you.  Shower glass does not make a shower a water tight aquarium.

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