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Tutorial on using A-MAZ Cleaner

Shower Enclosure #1- 3 years old, never been deep cleaned, no water protectant, patterned glass

This bypass shower door was showing white water build up on the glass, track and door hardware. I opened a new tub of A-MAZ and gently stirred with my applicator sponge. I then took a big scoop on my sponge and smeared it all over the glass where I could see water spots. First, I covered the affected area completely, and then I used my sponge to gently rub and scrub in a circular motion. I walked away and allowed it to dry (the directions recommend a “few minutes”, I got side-tracked and it was probably closer to a half hour I left the stuff drying on the glass). To begin truly cleaning, I used the other end of my scrub sponge and started wiping at the A-MAZ, which at this point had dried and started to flake off with my motions.
Upon completing this first round, the door did immediately look better. I then used my sponge to scrub harder on tough spots that remained, then immediately wiped clean. Note: glass that has water buildup and then is cleaned with harsh, abrasive cleaners can actually pit the glass and will not come clean. Luckily for me, this glass came clean. (Repeat steps multiple times until you achieve a clean shower door.)

Shower Enclosure #2- 9 months old, never been deep cleaned, water protectant applied, clear glass
This door is a frameless, hinged door with inline panel enclosure. Due to the clear glass it was easy to see water spots. This glass had spots on the inside, and outside (note treated glass is only treated on the glass inside the shower). I feared the clear glass, but I did the same process. Applied A-MAZ heavily with provided sponge. I waited for it to dry, then buffed off the A-MAZ with the other end of the sponge. This door cleaned up quickly and looked great! The only issue I ran into was smear marks from my buffing, but a microfiber rag and some glass cleaner had this enclosure looking brand new without a lot of effort.

Important notes: This whole process works best without water. Use a dry sponge dry and a dry shower. I also made quite the mess all over the floor and tub floor, which was much easier to wipe up with a dry paper towel vs. a wet paper towel. Also, you may qualify this cleaning as your arm workout for the day! When you start it seems this is going to be way too much work and time to look good, but I was able to clean both showers within an hour and they looked brand new with about a half a tub of A-MAZ. I have found that if I do wait another year to do this again, the leftover A-MAZ will dry out and not work as well, so happy cleaning!

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