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Warranty Information

Limited Warranty

Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc. warrants products and services provided, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (1) year from the date of installation, as evidenced by this invoice.  No information or advice given by Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc., employees, agents, distributors, or dealers will in any way increase the scope or duration of this warranty.  If the work performed by Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc., is modified by anyone other than Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc., all warranties shall be void.  No warranty is provided if the installation of products was not provided by Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc.  Further, no warranty is provided if goods and services are not paid in full.

Product defects are subject to the specific terms and conditions listed below.  It is the buyers’ responsibility to maintain a copy of this invoice, and to present said invoice at the time warranty work is requested.  All claims are subject to field inspection by a representative of Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc. 

The foregoing expressed warranty is accepted by a purchaser in lieu of all other warranties expressed and/or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and workman like construction.  All other warranties expressed or implied are hereby waived and relinquished. 

Product Information

Insulated Glass Units

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified.  All work to be completed in a workman like manor according to standard practices.  For insulated unit installations we will re-use all existing stops.  No painting will be performed by Carmel Glass & Mirror, Inc. Every care will be taken, however we are not responsible for damage to customer’s stops or wood trim as they can become brittle over time.

Manufacturing standards on Low-E insulated glass units change all the time, therefore a replacement insulated unit might have a slight variance in Low-E color.

All standard insulated units have 5 year seal warranty.  Dual Seal insulated unites have a 10 year warranty.  All insulated units have a 1 year parts/labor warranty.

Shower Doors Cleaning & Care

Shower enclosures are not water tight. There is no warranty against leakage on 3/8″ & 1/2″ shower enclosures. The installation may require drilling into existing support walls due to variations in wall surface. The integrity of your surface cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, and excluding gross negligence, Carmel Glass & Mirror will not be held responsible for any runs, chips, cracks, or mars to the wall surface resulting from the mounting process.

The secret to cleaning shower door glass, especially clear glass, is to squeegee off excess water after each shower.  This is the most effective way to prevent spot and mineral residue from adhering to the glass surface.  Cleaners and certain products specific to the removal of soap scum and mineral deposits can be used to maintain the glass.   

Shower door metals are anodized aluminum, which is used because it is lightweight and non-rusting.  The anodizing process gives aluminum its shine and seals against corrosion and pitting.  To produce gold, bronze or any of the other colored finishers, the aluminum is essentially dyed.  This metal, particularly with a gold finish, is at risk of discoloration and pitting if improper cleaning chemicals are applied.  White spots can appear from alkaline and phosphoric acids which are found in cleaners like 409, Limeaway, Climaline, Windex, Fantastic, Mr. Clean, and Dow Bathroom Cleaner.  Most of these products include a caution against using on aluminum on their label.  Additionally, dry wall spackle and tile grout also contain lime which will spot aluminum.

Register your ShowerGuard glass product within 90 days of purchase at http://showerguardglass.com/.


Mirror Conditions, Cleaning & Care

Our custom mirrors are made using highest quality mirror stock, mirror adhesives and hardware available.  However mirrors, like diamonds, can never be totally perfect.  Under close scrutiny, irregularities can sometimes be detected.  These originate in the manufacturing process, and are allowable under industry standards.  These acceptable variances include:

*Hairline face and back scratches      * Pin Head Bubbles or seeds         
*Black Edges                                            *Light Rub Marks 
*Light discoloration                               *Light digs or bruises

The buyer acknowledges that due to defects, composition and types of construction of
walls or otherwise, the space left on the sides to bottom on walls is unavoidable.  Further, these irregularities in the mounting surface can produce some reflective distortion.  Exact placement of mirrors at specific locations, centering or otherwise, may be modified, varied, or changed by the installer at time of installation.  On free form cuts around curves, railings, notches etc., mirrors are cut as snug as possible, but gaps are necessary to relieve pressure on mirrors. 

Mirrors are easy to care for but they require proper cleaning to keep their surfaces new and gleaming.  Never use an abrasive cleaning material that can scratch the glass.  Avoid using strong solutions containing solvents for tar, grease, etc., or products containing ammonia.  Be careful not to get the back of the mirror wet.  Moisture can cause silver spoilage, which produces black spots on the mirror face.   We do recommend cleaning with a mircofiber cloth.


There is no warranty on glass table tops. Please be careful of weight placed on the glass. A cutout in the glass can lead to a crack with excessive pressure.

Starphire and other brands of “Low-Iron” glass are designed for clarity looking through the sheet, not the edge. The thicker and larger the piece of low-iron glass, the darker the edge becomes.

We appreciate your business and are here to stand by our work.